Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Campaign Launch

I've been thinking of starting this Australian Census campaign since the 2011 UK census in March.

For that census the Cornish ethnic and national identity options received a great deal of support from both the media and the people themselves. But we also had Cornwall Council and various organisations throwing their weight behind that campaign.

There is no doubt Australian academic opinion supports the Cornish being on a par with the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. The Cornish theoretically making up one of the largest groups in Australia, possibly as many as 900,000 of us. However Australian Census statistics published show a different story. Line Count data from the 2006 Census showed that 2,648 persons responded to the Ancestry question with "Cornish". This is down from the 1986 Australian Census when 15,000 people reported their ancestry as Cornish.

This campaign will run in addition to that of the Celtic Council of Australia (CCA)

(Image: The Cornish Australian Heritage Flag)

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