Friday, July 29, 2011

More historic Cornish Australians

I've mentioned before the two Prime Ministers of Australia who have identified as Cornish, Bob Hawke and Robert Menzies (Probably the two most iconic PMs you're ever likely to find). However there are many more heads of Australian government either actually born in the Cornish homeland (Kernow in the Cornish language) or else born into a Cornish Australian family.

George Pearce was acting prime minister for seven months in 1916 while Billy Hughes was overseas and remains the only Senator to have fulfilled the role of Prime Minister without resigning his Senate seat.

Premiers of South Australia

George Marsden Waterhouse

James Penn Boucaut

John Verran

Robert Richards

Don Dunstan

David Tonkin

(please tell me if you know of any more)

Premiers of Western Australia

John Scaddan

Albert Hawke

David Brand

John Trezise Tonkin

Premiers of Tasmania

Edward Braddon

John Earle

Premiers of Queensland

Anna Bligh

Premiers of Victoria

Albert Dunstan

Note should also be made of John Langdon Parsons who was Government Resident of the Northern Territory.

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